ELLE Belgium

ELLE makes you dream, entertains, surprises and arouses emotion. From the four corners of the planet, she informs and accompanies women. Since September 2003, ELLE has informed you. In Brussels, in Antwerp. From Arlon to Ostend.

ELLE Belgique

36th edition of the mythical feminine, ELLE Belgium and ELLE België are each a unique blend of Belgian and international news, fashion and people news, beauty and lifestyle: all in two versions, French and Dutch. This year, the ELLE celebrates 14 years of success!


- Printing: 35.000 copies
+ Fashion Special: 40.000 copies in March and September.
- Periodicity: 9/year
- Versions: nl fr
- Format 215mm (W) x 275mm (H)
- Price of one quadri page: 9.130€
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Marie Guérin
Editor-in-Chief Print (FR)
Marie-Noëlle Vekemans
Editor-in-Chief Web (FR)
Isabelle Vander Heyde
Editor-in-Chief Web (NL)
Philippe De Jonghe
Advertising director
Johanna Webb
Creative sales manager
Kelly Gielis
Sales Manager
Nathalie Fisse
Creative sales manager
Valerie Decallonne
Creative sales manager
Alexia Neefs
Sales Manager
Amélie Eeckman
Print Production Coordinator