Ventures Media

For 30 years, Edition Ventures group has been producing rich and innovative magazines that respond too the needs of Belgian readers. Since its beginning, Ventures publishing teams have been informing, entertaining and inspiring 2.6 million Belgians who trust us every month by reading our magazines, visiting our websites or going to events organized by the group.

Our work and the commitment of the Ventures group in event enable us to maintain a long relationship with our advertisers and to meet the best expectations of readers both on paper and on the web. Thus, Edition Ventures has grown to become Belgium's leading bi-media group in broadcasting and print-digital audiences.

Edition Ventures is based on three strong values: Passion, Innovation and Pleasure. They are the basis of success and growth of  our brands ( ELLE, Marie Claire, Psychologies, Déco idées ... )

In a moving media market, Edition Ventures seeks to develop its brands on both paper and digital media, diversifying its activities in fast-growing sectors such as video, social networks, mobile and data monetization.

We are well aware that we must respond to the emergence of new technologies to design the media of the future. For this we exploit the possibilities offered to us: content individualization, uses of digital platforms, integration of several audiovisual formats on the digital side and  return to the essential, deepening of content, love of beautiful object on paper on the print side. Finally, we seek to constantly improve our processes by creating economic synergies between paper and digital media.