Under the leadership of editorial director Joan Condijts Forbes Belux aims to become a benchmark for the Belgian-Luxembourg business landscape.
Over the last few decades, Forbes has established itself as one of the leading brands in the world of business. While its rankings of the world’s richest people and the world’s most successful companies are one of the hallmarks of this medium, Forbes’ reputation is also built on its content, which highlights the men and women who make business happen, its analysis of major economic trends and the technological innovations that will shape tomorrow’s world. Forbes stands out for its in-depth articles, interviews and portraits of the leading figures in business, as well as its research into the latest trends and its lifestyle sections. Forbes Belux will be incorporating all these ingredients in its quarterly magazines and on its website. The publications will have a strong Belgian-Luxembourg accent, with most of the content produced by local teams in both Dutch and French.


- Printing: 23.000 copies
- Periodicity: 4/year
- Versions: nl fr
- Format 215 mm (W) x 275 mm (H)
- Price of one quadri page: 7.900 €
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Florian de Wasseige
Chief operating officer
Lore Mosselmans
Operations Manager Ventures Media
Manoëlle Sepulchre
Editing & Commercial director