Marie Claire

Celebrating style and substance.
Marie Claire 100% Belgian decodes the trends of the fashion to the four corners of the world.

Marie Claire

This monthly magazine is a balanced blend of intellect and aesthetics. The magazine alternates in-depth articles for women, with visionary stories about fashion, accessories and the art of living.


- Printing: 25.000 copies
- Periodicity: 9/year
- Versions: nl fr
- Format 215mm (W) x 270mm (H)
- Price of one quadri page: 11.130 €
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Philippe De Jonghe
Advertising director
Johanna Webb
Creative sales manager
Kelly Gielis
Sales Manager
Nathalie Fisse
Creative sales manager
Valerie Decallonne
Creative sales manager
Alexia Neefs
Sales Manager
Amélie Eeckman
Print Production Coordinator