ELLE à table / ELLE Eten

Foodie travel, pleasure to receive and art of table, deco kitchen, recipes of Belgian personalities, chefs portraits, wine cellars, regional cooking, trends, seasonal products, accessories, fine cookbooks, good Belgian addresses…

elle a table

ELLE à table

What the Belgian book of the magazine “ELLE à Table” proposes to all epicureans, kitchen lovers and gastronomy lovers. Magazine upscale, original and intelligent, practical and elegant, it offers a multi-faceted and contemporary vision of kitchen. These editions are sold with the French editions and present the same aesthetic and editorial qualities


elle a table
- Printing: 40.000 copies
- Periodicity: 4/year
- Versions: nl fr
- Format 210mm (W) x 265mm (H)
- Price of one quadri page: 2.040€ pour ELLE à Table / 2.040€ pour ELLE Eten
- National editorial prize: 3.680€
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